Northern Shoshone and Bannock
Traditional Culture
  Since Time Immemorial
Who's Who
All My Relations
Pipe Ceremony and Peacemaking
Great Circle
Intertribal Relations
"How the Indian Averted Famine"
Naming Ceremonies
Agaidika Perspective on Sacajawea
Horses, Trade, & Travel
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  Contemporary Culture
  Sovereignty & Tribal Government
Arts & Artists
Annual Festival Dances
Recommended Websites

  Relationship with the U.S.
  Early Contact
Fur Trade
Naturalists in Shoshone Country
Missionaries and Emigrants
Making Treaties
Lemhi In Limbo
Lemhi Reservation and  Loss
Shrinking Reservation
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Lemhi Pass > Culture > Language

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Ronald Snake Edmo discusses language preservation.
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Shoshoni Language Home Page
Articles, alphabets, dictionaries, lessons in speaking Shoshoni, stories and writing, available to view in Sosoni' or English languages. Under construction from Idaho State University, Pocatello.

Guide to Reading Shoshone
A Shoshone language page giving hints on reading the language of the Shoshone people with the Roman/English Alphabet

Background: Boysen State Park, courtesy State of Wyoming