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Lakota Sioux websites:

Lakota Dakota Information Page
This page has links for art, history, language, names, maps, museums, and treaties, just to name a few. There is lots and lots of information here.

South Dakota Tribes
This site is a map of reservations in South Dakota, and links to their pages. Also, it has general information on all of the tribes in South Dakota, and contact information.

The Great Sioux Nation
This page has a bunch of pertinent links, and is a speech from Barbara Benge on finding information on the different bands of the Sioux Nation.

Sioux Heritage
The Sioux heritage page has so much information from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Members about the tribe itself plus links to almost everything else.

Allies of the Lakota
Allies of the Lakota page; health clinic and information, and Lakota radio station news
This site gives information and photographs of the original 1868 treaty that recognized the Black Hills as part of the Great Sioux Reservation.

Star Knowledge
This site is one devoted to Lakota cosmology. It contains constellation maps and tables and many other interesting tidbits.

White Buffalo
Here is a little story about the white buffalo and what it meant to Native Americans and whites alike.

Creation Story
Little Elks sites gives a detailed account of the Lakota creation story, as well as information about the origins and significance of other elements of Lakota society.

Lakota- Culture and Spirituality
This one is a pretty detailed Lakota culture and spirituality page with a lot of links.
Here is the site map:

This is a page with news and information on seminars, galleries, youth events, and current events just to name a few.

Paha Sapa (the Black Hills)
Paha Sapa is considered the sacred center of their nation by the Lakota. This article, timeline from 1858, and integrated links make an excellent resource. Produced by the Lakota Student Alliance and The Crazy Horse Advocate, Martin SD. 2000

Cankú Lúta (Red Road, Inc.)
Canku Luta website includes a newsletter, treaty information, soup kitchen and food drive info, articles on sovereignty and much more.

Social Studies online resource for teachers
Developed as part of the South Dakota Alliance for Distance Education, South Dakota's Star School Grant.


Lakota Bibliography:

Lakota Bibliography information
This page has a huge amount of information. There are a few language bibliographies, manuscripts, scholarly writings on Lakota Dakota.

Lakota Books Home Page
The people who sponsor this page write, publish and distribute works on Sioux culture, language, and history. This is their site so the books and papers they publish are here and the catalog is available to order books online.

Janet (Harvey) Tallevast's list of recommended reading:


Background: Bear Butte; courtesy of South Dakota Dept. of Game, Fish, & Parks