Traditional Culture
  Since Time Immemorial
Homeland of the Lakota
All My Relations
Camp Life & Seasonal Round
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  Contemporary Culture
  Arts and Artists
Tribal Government
Tribal Colleges
Self-Determination and Sovereignty
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  Relationship with the U.S.
  Fur Trade
Making Treaties
The Shrinking Reservation
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Rosebud Tribal Office
Courtesy of Rosebud Sioux Tribe

South Dakota Office of Tribal Government Relations Governments
Official site, with information links to nine tribal offices.

This page is a listing of all the treaties and information on them made between the U.S. government and Sioux tribes. You can view some of the original treaty texts.

South Dakota Government and History
This is a huge lesson on tribal government and citizenship, and is probably beneficial to all ages, though it is written for 4th Graders. The main page is at