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Buffalo Shield
King Kuka painting of buffalo shield
Courtesy of Nancy Hubble.
Blackfeet moccasins
Courtesy of Nancy Hubble
Niitsitsikin, moccasins
Siksika (Blackfoot) late 19th century
Porcupine quills, glass beads, smoked brain-tanned deer hide.
Courtesy of Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation, CMC V-B-331 a,b

Great Falls > Culture > Arts & Artists
Blackfeet warrior sculpture, near Heart Butte, Montana
Jay Laber, artist
K. Lugthart photo

Troy De Roche
Native American flautist Troy De Roche, a Blackfeet man from Heart Butte, Montana, wishes to express the traditional values and spiritual nature by playing his original songs. His homepage is packed with information about him, his music and where to hear him play.

Jackie Larson Bread
This page recognized Bread as an outstanding artist in the field of beading. It gives a history of her life and the bead-working tradition in her family.

June Cree Medicine LaDue
LaDue's page is a short biography and shows samples of her work, which includes traditional beading, beaded bags and bolo ties.

Valentina LaPier
This page is about LaPier and her business in East Glacier Park, she does a variety of contemporary and unusual painting and sculpture.

Gale Running Wolf, Sr.
This site has biographic information about Running Wolf and shows samples of artwork. There also is a link for ordering goods from him.

Francis Wall
Wall's site shows samples of the Helena artist's paintings and sculptures.

David Dragonfly
His page gives biographical information about him and shows some older samples of his work. He makes sculptures, war clubs and knives.

King Kuka
This site is the King Kuka homepage. It describes the artists as "a full-time
professional artist whose art is seen around the world" and "shows
a deep love of the native people and their country." It has links to his work and gives contact information.
This site is a short biography of King Kuka as an artist on an e-cards website.

Jack Gladstone
This is Gladstone's homepage that includes a listing of his songs and music, upcoming performances, merchandise, the stories behind the music, and much more.
This is an online show of Gladstone's entertaining and educating about Blackfeet Indian history and culture using mythology and song.

Lodgepole Gallery & Tipi Village
The Blackfeet Art and Cultural Center supports this site about the Blackfeet Nation in Montana. The cultural center offers an opportunity to experience the Blackfeet culture in the most fundamental way, including the cuisine and sleeping arrangements.

Beadwork and other Native American items created by enrolled Blackfeet.

Black Lodge Singers
This is the page of a pow-wow group led by a Blackfeet man, Kenny Scabby Robe. They are of White Swan, Washington are one of the most respected pow-wow groups in North America. Some of their music is available to purchase online at this site.

Background: From portion of painting by W. Langdon Kihn