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The Blackfeet Nation
The website of the Blackfeet Nation has links to tribal government pages, including tribal departments, economic development, treaties, culture, and history.

Treaty Seven
Treaty 7 - Blackfeet in Canada - a contemporary focus with important treaty, sovereignty and education information. It also contains current events and issues. The treaty made minimal provisions for each Indian family, and a small amount of treaty goods and money were allotted for each band. The treaty also made limited commitments to provide education for children and in some cases, medical services. This is a very controversial issue for Canadian Blackfeet people.

Border Crossing Resolution
This is a resolution from the Blackfoot Confederacy about border crossing issues at the 49th parallel. The issue has been a problem since we started drawing borders and continues to be an issue today.

Background: Flag of the Blackfeet Nation. Courtesy the unofficial Blackfoot website.