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The Blackfeet Nation
This homepage is supported by the Blackfoot Confederacy. The introduction gives the Pikuni name and uses the Pikuni word for hello. Below that are links for many Blackfeet related topics of both today and yesterday. There is a link to the Blackfoot Community College page (, where many historic photographs of the people can be found. The main purpose is providing information about the college, the classes and schedules, and campus contact details, but it also has a page that gives some Blackfeet legends, including the creation story.

Siksika Nation
This site is going to be the future location for the Siksika Nation Public website. It will provide general information about their land, their people, their culture and their events. The site is currently under construction, and they ask that you check back often.

Blackfoot Nation
This site integrates some tribal information as well as features many tribal commercial opportunities. It is supported by the Spirit Talk Culture Institute.

Travel Montana – Lewis and Clark Page and
This site describes the Blackfeet in a brief paragraph, but it is more about Lewis & Clark, however it does give Montana reservation information and depicts the tribes whose lands the Corps of Discovery passed through.

Blackfeet and Piegan Literature
This is a wonderful site with a set of Blackfeet and Piegan stories including tribal authors and online tribal resources. This is a great for stories and cultural information.

Language Immersion School
The Piegan Institute is Browning's excellent language immersion school. See detailed information on our language page under the Native American heading at the left.

Blackfoot mocassins
Canadian Museum of Civilization website focusing on traditional Blackfoot mocassin design, and contemporary use. Lots of information and images.

Blackfeet News Online
A Browning, MT newspaper, the Glacier Reporter - Siyeh Development, contains online news serving the Blackfeet Nation.

Blackfeet Literature
Selected Blackfeet books and articles, online from Questia, are available on this site. It is a subscription site, but the 1st page of every chapter is viewable for free, the site includes books by Blackfeet people as well as white historians.

Blackfoot Culture
This site is a summary with images and referrals to other sites about the Blackfoot Confederacy. It includes an interesting site about a buffalo jump where ancient remains have been found:

Niitoy-yiss: The Blackfoot Tipi
This photograph essay about traditional Blackfoot homes is derived from a new gallery called Nitsitapiisinni : Our Way of Life which opened at Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Alberta in November 2001.

The Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park website contains information about its significance to the Blackfoot people, as well as landscape, flora, and fauna of the area. There is a page about the Sweetgrass Hills, including a satelite image. The Sweetgrass Hills are a sacred place to the Blackfoot:
Another page is the history of the Blackfoot people (Darrell Kipp and Hugh Dempsey referenced as sources):


Background: Buffalo’s Back Fat, George Catlin. The Manners, Customs and Condition of the North American Indian. London, 1892. Archives & Rare Books Department, University of Cincinnati; Copyright, University of Cincinnati Digital Press.